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Search engine optimization helps Google and all other search engines see your site and get it ranking. 

Make your website look professional and utilize the best SEO practices to optimize your website and convert leads into sales.

Go where the people are. Get ranked on Google maps for local searches to drive people to your business.

Get seen everywhere. Google Ads and social media ads drive people to your website and create more leads for your business.


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Leander Mix Digital Marketing


​In today's world, you can find everything on the internet, from groceries to entertainment to classes. People have shown that convenience is a top priority when looking for something online. That is why your online presence can make or break your business. That's where we, a Leander SEO company come in. Using search engine optimization and Google Ads and getting a google map listing is extremely important for your business's success. Fortunately, we at Mix Digital Marketing know just what to do to get your business online leads to dominate your local market. We help businesses succeed in their online presence and give them more leads that will convert into sales. Whether you're in Austin or local to Leander, TX or not, we can give you a complete set of services to optimize your website. We want to help you invest in yourself. We believe that every business should be able to have the tools that we have when discussing digital marketing. Call us today to start investing in your future.


At Mix Digital Marketing we help companies increase their online traffic by utilizing only the highest quality search engine optimization methods. We want you to succeed and have all the tools at your disposal. No one should suffer from lack of sales or leads because of their low ranking on search engines. We want to help those who may not know, or are unfamiliar with how things work behind the scenes on the internet. We know running a business can be stressful and challenging. That's why we the search engine optimization Leander experts, will show you how to improve your website, and it's authority on Google so that it is one less thing you have to worry about. Being able to use SEO and PPC Leander like Google ads right, is a great advantage in the online world, that everyone should know how to do. Let us help you invest yourself. Call today and let us know what you need.


We help big and small businesses succeed in their online presence. We are proud of our partnerships and look forward to adding more of you onto our successful team! Below are just a few of who we work with.


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We get it, there are a lot of digital marketers out there. So why choose us instead of somebody else? The answer is easy. We are experts in our field and know how to get ranking on Google using the right and legal ways to do it. Some Austin SEO services will offer you fast turnaround and amazing results but come up with empty promises. That can be frustrating and annoying to deal with. That is why we don't waste our time on getting you links that won't last and are on spammy sites. We only give you the highest quality and don't worry about quantity. We don't use any blackhat tricks and make sure we keep up to date with all of Google's algorithms so that your site can stay ranking if there are ever any changes. Continuing our education in our industry is extremely important to us because the internet changes daily. We have been trained by only SEO Austin TX experts and continue to take courses so that we can stay ahead. With over five years of experience we know how to do optimization. We are your Austin digital marketing team. We serve all of Austin and it's surrounding areas like Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, and more. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.



When you want to find a clothing store near you, or you need a plumber, or even if you just want to find out what movie had that one actress in it, you search for the answer online. The internet is the go to for nearly everything. When you want information, you Google it. And even those who don't use Google, use some search engine. That is why hiring our SEO company Austin TX is so important in today's world. If you're not utilizing such an important and great tool, then it's time to jump on board. You may feel that your business is doing fine without any professional help from digital marketers, but imagine how much better you could be doing. Just by ranking on the top spot on Google, your web traffic increases on average by forty two percent and gets ten times more traffic than anything on the seventh page of Google search results. People naturally trust the top search result more than any other. Think about it, how often do you click on anything that is ranking below the third spot. Probably never. That is why once you get a better ranking, success runs towards you instead of you chasing it. Without optimization you could be losing a lot more traffic to your site than you realize. Traffic to your site leads to sales, and sales leads to you succeeding and enjoying the benefits of owning your own business. We make sure to only use the best methods and get the highest quality links for your site so you can rank faster and higher. We want you to succeed and investing in your online presence is an important way to do that. Get ahead of your competitors and dominate your local market. Call us today for all of your Leander SEO services needs.



Google Maps is one of the most convenient features on a smart device. It makes it so easy to search online for a coffee shop, pizza place, or clothing store near you. Nearly everyone uses it. Google Maps provides the ability for people to search for a business they need that is close to them or local to another place they intend on visiting. The opportunity Google Maps provides is unprecedented when connecting with customers. Just think about how many times you have used it when looking for a business near you. Whenever you need a mechanic, painter, RV storage, preschool near you, you look for it on Google maps. All of that traffic could be going to your site if you use it right. There are specific algorithms that come into play when trying to get your website ranked on your google map listing. That's where we, the search engine optimization Austin professionals come in. We make sure that when people are searching for a business like yours, it appears right at the top. We know all of the right methods to use and what Google looks for when ranking on their maps. It's crucial when trying to use this tool when wanting to create more sales for yourself, and you would be surprised by how many companies are not taking advantage of this amazing tool. Which means that there is only more room for you business to have more success. Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity for you business. Call us today so that we can show you how we can help you get more sales. One of our main industries we support is Auto Repair so for any of your auto repair marketing needs check out LIFT Auto Repair Marketing. We also offer merchant services to lower credit card processing fees so feel free to check out Mix Payments to learn more. Also check out one of our partners at SEO Bend Oregon and SEO Oklahoma City.



— Matt Adkins

"Highly recommend Mix Digital Marketing! Very professional and easy to work with. Most importantly, they helped get my site ranked to the first page!"

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